Current Economic Development

The Macroeconomic Indicators To Watch

The Data

Source of Information

All underlying data are taken from the renowned weekly magazine The Economist.

Please find the weekly overview of data using this link: Economic & financial indicators

As with all data, there are some caveats to bear in mind:

  • Unemployment rates are measured differently across countries. Furthermore, people can drop out of the labor force altogether. Then they are no longer counted as unemployed. As a complementary statistic to the unemployment rate, it is thus worthwhile to watch the employment rate as well: the share of working-age people that actually have a job.
  • Consumer price inflation is measured differently across countries. Basically, statistical offices track over time the prices of goods and services that consumers buy. Each category (like food or transportation) makes up a fraction of total spending. However, what fraction people spend on, for instance, food differs widely across countries. As a result, if food prices go up in global markets, this has a very different effect on the national rates of inflation.